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An interactive workshop with Mel Rowsell








Do you want to get the best out of yourself and those around you?

This workshop is recommended for people leaders and those seeking to unlock their own potential, or the potential of others.  This interactive workshop with Mel Rowsell will shine a light on your strengths, teach you how to keep negative self talk at bay, impart strategies to control powerful emotions and enable you to flick off autopilot and become more purposeful in your life.

Mel will discuss the latest insights from applied neuroscience and explain what it means for you. She will teach you mindfulness practices as well as teach you how to take mindful moments as a technique towards effectiveness. This workshop includes group work, guided meditation and practice labelling and reframing emotions. Mel will also provide useful practical skills for developing and coaching yourself over time.

On this practical workshop you will:

  • Learn how to actively leverage your strengths
  • Learn insights from applied neuroscience and what it means for you
  • Practice labelling emotions and calming your limbic system

After this workshop you can expect to:

  • Silence the inner critic
  • Manage emotions in the workplace
  • Be more effective in coaching yourself and others

Who should attend?

This is a great opportunity to work with Mel if you are interested in:

Integrating the “work you” with the “real you”

Managing yourself AND those around you.

Creating a values-based organisation

Building the team or culture you want and need

Becoming an inspirational, authentic and consistent leader.

‘Having attended numerous seminars over the years I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mel’s approach was refreshingly different. The emphasis was on looking at the effects our emotions have in business in a new and empowering way. There were a number of exercises to help us understand and then implement new strategies for successfully understanding and managing emotions in the workplace in order to get the results the business needs’

Ken Wells
NorthStar Group

‘I would highly recommend anyone interested in being an authentic leader and tapping into the latest on wisdom to attend’

Angela Atkins
Elephant HR

‘Well worth attending. It was great value – both in content and delivery – but also the sharing and connection of those that chose to be there’

Kate Billing

‘It gave helpful tools to use Creative and Emotional intelligence to solve problems’

Blair Logan


Mel Rowsell

Mel is an expert at bringing humanity into the workplace. A practitioner in the art of co-creating common sense people and culture solutions. She helps you unlock your wisdom, inspire your people and enhance your culture. She coaches, facilitates, consults and advises.

As the people person behind building out Vend’s award winning culture, she built a high performance, caring, engaged workplace that continues to this day. She was involved from the outset continuing up until Vend employed hundreds of Venders providing leadership, practical HR support and systems to ensure Vend developed and maintained a winning culture.

Mel Roswell







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